Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I get in touch with a Moderator?
    The simplest way would be to send a private message through Discord. If no one is active, you could also post a message in #help, and a moderator will respond when they are available. Alternatively, you can leave a message with another Moderator, or you feel the subject is too delicate to send via Discord; you can send an e-mail to us at: [email protected] with the subject line "Query for "
  2. How do I rank up / get a new role?
    This happens automatically the more you participate in chat! Purposely spamming to inflate your rank is against our rules. Please note that if you are using our Discord Titan chat embed, you will not receive or gain rank.
  3. How do I become a moderator?

    If you wish to become part of our staff here at CinemaQuestria, please complete this application form.

    Please note: Once your application is submitted, you do not need to submit another. Your application will be reviewed and remain open indefinitely. If we feel you are a good fit for our staff, we will contact you directly to set up an interview.

  4. When do you guys stream? Is there a particular schedule?

    We list our scheduled events here and on our homepage. Not all streams are scheduled before hand, so keep an eye on the stream queue in the #announcements channel on our Discord.


  5. Can I make a request for you guys to show something on stream?

    We do not allow requests unless explicitly stated by the current streamer. Just do be aware, however, that requests are at the complete discretion of the streamer at the time of the stream, and that they may or may not choose to accept them.

    If you wish to make a request or to offer a suggestion for a future stream and there's no stream going (or just don’t want to publicly make the request), send it to our group e-mail at [email protected]

  6. The stream and/or chat is not working! Help!

    If you cannot get the stream or chat to load at all, make sure you have your web browser up-to-date and have Javascript enabled.

    If you see no stream, it might be for the following reasons:

    1. There is no stream. Someone might not be broadcasting at the time. We don't necessarily stream 24/7. See FAQ #4
    2. Try pressing the refresh button underneath the stream.
    3. The streamer might be having some temporary issues. Check the chat to see if the moderators have made an announcement. Do not spam the streamer or chat with "the stream is down" -- they probably know.
    4. If others seem to be enjoying the stream, check your connection.

    If you cannot join or speak in the chat, it may be for the following reasons:

    1. The room might currently be muted. This means that only "Rulers of CinemaQuestria" can speak. Sometimes the chat will be muted when it has become unruly.
    2. If you are sending messages too fast, some of your messages might have been automatically deleted to filter spam. Try sending them again slower.
    3. If you cannot enter the chat at all, you could have been banned. If you feel that this was a mistake, or want to appeal your ban, please see our "Contact Us" page.