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  1. Be respectful of others
    Do not personally attack others. Do not post things that attack others whether directly or not. Do not post anything that may be offensive to others based on, but not limited to: sex, sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs, etc.
  2. Do not post anything explicitly sexual, violent or both
  3. Trolling is prohibited
    Trolling, the act of intentionally posting controversial or irritating posts in order to irritate other users, is prohibited.
  4. CinemaQuestria is an English speaking website
    Do not carry discussions in a language other than English. Do not carry a discussion in Netspeak or leetspeak. Attempting to find loopholes will result in action on behalf of the moderators.
  5. Moderators have authority.
    The moderator staff is here to ensure everything goes over smoothly. All actions we take are for that purpose. The moderating staff can be identified as “Rulers of CinemaQuestria” in the user list, and by their red names. Any misconduct on the staff's behalf can be sent to our email account here.
  6. Except for images, do not post links in #stream-talk during a stream unless prior approval is given from the streamer.
    This rule does not apply in other text chat rooms.
  7. Advertisements of any sort are prohibited unless given prior approval from a moderator.
    This may include but is not limited to: server / channel advertisements or links, links to outside sites, etc.
  8. Spamming will not be tolerated.
    This includes excessive spamming over PMs, using automations (bots) to post excessively, or posting the same thing to an excessive number of channels, to the extent that these things annoy others or disrupt the chat.
  9. Bans may be appealed.
    If you have been permanently banned, you may appeal your ban by sending a message to [email protected]. Please include the nickname you used on Discord when you were banned, what you were banned for and why you feel we should reverse the decision. The staff will review you appeal and decide if we should reverse your ban or not. If you have been time banned, you must wait for the time ban to expire. Time bans can not be appealed.
  10. Rules are subject to change
    The staff reserves the right to enforce rules both written here and not written here as needed in order to maintain order.
  11. Spoilers are prohibited, except in #mlp-spoilers & #spoilers
    This can include but is not limited to, links to outside sources, fake spoilers and synopses. If there is a new pony episode, please wait 24 hours after the new episodes conclusion to discuss it in the chat. For non-pony shows, please also wait 24 hours for it to air before discussing it. If something has been released already but is to be shown on CQ such as a video game, please do not disseminate any spoiling material about it. Spoiling a show that has just aired (such as a new pony ep) will result in a 24 hour temp ban. Spoiling stuff that has yet to air (such as a yet-to-be-released movie) will result in a permanent ban.

    If something you wish to post is considered a spoiler as outlined above, please post it to one of our dedicated spoilers channels, #mlp-spoilers or #spoilers.
  12. Do not role-play
    This is including but not limited to using the "/me" command excessively or creating a fictitious scenario. It is okay to use the "/me" command sparingly and for the appropriate reason.
  13. CinemaQuestria staff is not responsible for the audience's actions
    While the CQ staff will take all appropriate actions to discourage inappropriate behavior, we are ultimately not at fault nor responsible for the audience’s actions.
  14. Requests are not allowed, unless the current streamer has said otherwise
    Constantly requesting things to be shown on the stream is prohibited and subject to the punishment scale on behalf of the moderators. The exception to this is if the streamer gives prior approval. If the streamer has said that they are accepting requests, you must post them where the streamer has specified, which may not be in the main #stream-talk chat.
  15. Do not impersonate
    Any impersonation of staff or other users is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, using or attempting to use someone else’s nickname, or a variation of it, in an attempt to mimic or mock them.
  16. Please refrain from political discussions
    CinemaQuestria is an escape from the madness. Off-topic political discussion is generally frowned upon, and may be shut down by a moderator at any time. Please refer to rule five. Certain subjects may have political undertones, including streams and topics within the pony fandom. Discussion of such matters is allowed on CinemaQuestria, however, be civil. The moderators also retain the right to end the conversation. This rule applies to all of our channels on Discord.
  17. Users must be 13 years of age or older
    In accordance with Discord's Terms of Use, and local laws, anyone under the age of 13 is not allowed to view or otherwise participate in conversations on our Discord chat platform. If you are found to be under the age of 13, you will be immediately banned.

The punishment scale is as follows:

  1. Warning
  2. Kick (allowed to rejoin chat)
  3. Ban (cannot rejoin chat)

If you have any question about the rules, feel free to contact a mod or send us a message at our email address [email protected].