CinemaQuestria Riffs

Dancin': It's On!


Two young dancers fall in love and eventually work together to win a dance competition.

How it Works

From cheesy horror, to the horribly cheesy, CinemaQuestria brings you our weekly show of riffs and laughs! Each week, the staff selects one of the suggestions from the material submitted beforehand by the viewers. Then, every Saturday we queue up the selected material and the staff join together in a show that's sure to raise an abundance of giggles and guffles as we provide hilarious commentary until your sides hurt and your head spins!

Our show is not just restricted to movies. Material we show (that may be suggested) includes compilations of short videos (old advertisements, training videos, etc.), to movies, to basically anything that you feel deserves to be riffed that complies to our material requirements.

Once a movie has been sent to CinemaQuestria, it does not need to be sent in again. It will remain in our archives until we show it. Please note that we do not repeat the material we show. This means once a movie has been riffed here, we do not show it again. Any material that is suggested that has already been shown will be disregarded.


CinemaQuestria Riffs began its first stream December 13, 2014. Since then, we have developed fond memories for mares and stallions alike! We guarantee to bring you a most enjoyable show that's sure to leave you begging for more (or not)!

Material Requirements

The following types of movies are not accepted and will be blacklisted upon submission
  • Material which violate our rules
  • Material longer than 3 hours
  • Material that has already been shown
Catch this show every other Saturday at 1:00 PM EST
Tune in as we watch some of the grandest blunders in the history of visual media that are sure to leave you rolling on the floor breathless from laughing!

View the CQ Riffs video archive here!

Have a suggestion? Send it to our email and we'll add it in! Be sure to link us to videos and/or an IMDB page.