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Equestria GamingBrony gaming news and archive site Equestria Gaming has recently relaunched, and we are proud to announce that we have affiliated with them.

Equestria Gaming is your one-stop place for news about Brony made and My Little Pony-inspired games, mods, and more.

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Saturday Super Stream

Join us Saturday for our stream showing the best shows both new and old, including some of your brand-new favorites from the week plus you'll be able to chat here with fellow fans as the new My Little Pony episodes air!

It all begins Saturday at 10a EST!

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Is no one in chat, but you still have an inkling to talk about something?

Well, good news everypony! We now have a Disqus discussion forum where you can post away any time of day. Talk about the most recent episode, your favorite character, or even something off-topic. Or hop into our spoiler discussion forum, where you can talk about future episodes and rumors!

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RainShadow's Thoughts On... "The Gift of the Maud Pie"

The Gift of the Maud PieThe Gift of the Maud Pie brings season 6 right back to the slice-of-life style of episodes that we are used to from the series. A character-based episode with plenty of comedy to boot, new writers Michael P. Fox and his brother Wil pair up Pinkie Pie and Rarity for the first time in the series, and of course bring along sister Maud for this retelling of the classic “Gift of the Magi” story (hence this episode’s awkward title). While a simple story, it brings a nice twist on the classic tale, offers some great characterization and development, and copious amounts of comedy.

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RainShadow's Thoughts On... "The Crystalling"

The Crystalling: Starlight and Sunburst Hug"The Crystalling" was most certainly a different two parter than the show's previous. It had a different feel, playing more like an elongated 22 minute character story than the usual more action and story-driven ones. It was a nice change of pace, something which the show has been accomplishing well the past few years.

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