Below is a list of regularly scheduled shows here on CinemaQuestria and their times. Click a show's name to view it's page and learn more information about it, and what is happening this week. We have numerous unscheduled streams throughout the week as well, so make sure to follow us on Twitter @CinemaQuestria to keep up-to-date with these!


Super Saturday StreamStarts at 10a EST (Time subject to change)

Join us each Saturday for the best shows both new and old!

Visit the page linked above to see the full schedule.

CQ Saturday MovieOn hiatus

Join us every Saturday for an afternoon movie!

CQ RiffsAlternate weeks, check calendar. Starts at 1p EST

Tune in as we watch some of the grandest blunders in the history of visual media that are sure to leave you rolling on the floor breathless from laughing! (Episode Archives)


Babble with BroniesOn hiatus

Join Everlasting_Joy, MrBen and TwilightIsMagic every Sunday at 4p EST as we discuss My Little Pony episodes, comics, fan art and videos, as well as inteview prominent people from the show and fandom.


Equine Episode ExaminationStarts at 4p EST

Join the CQ staff every Monday as we discuss episodes of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. (Episode Archives)

This Week in PonyVarious weeks, check calendar. Starts at 5p EST

Join us as we discuss the latest My Little Pony news, merchandise, and fanworks. (Episode Archives)


Wildcard Wednesday — Starts at 5p EST

Join us for this unscheduled block where anyone on staff can stream anything! You never know what could be coming next.


AnimeQuestriaStarts at 8:30p EST

Join us every Friday evening as we watch various anime series, followed by us playing video games with the audience!

Friday Game NightStarts after AnimeQuestria

The CQ staff and viewers alike partake in some online multiplayer gaming following AnimeQuestria!