Babble with Bronies


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  1. Stay On Topic
    We operate on limited time; we can not afford to derail off on a non-pony topic for very long. Especially given the possibilities in the first hour, we do have non-pony subjects come up from time to time. A passing comment about said subject is fine such as "I love X! Y is my favorite character." If you have a point to make on a pony-related subject by using a non-pony subject, that is fine, but derailing the pony subject to discuss any non-pony subjects is not okay and will be subject to the punishment scale.
  2. Our 20-Minute Rule
    Should the show not start, or be interrupted in the middle of broadcast, and the delay be exactly or greater than 20 minutes without any other word saying otherwise, the show will be cancelled that week and rescheduled to resume at a later date.
  3. Keep Questions and Chat to the Appropriate Rooms
    We utilize the #BwBTextQuest room only for interview questions, and chatting to the #BabbleWithBronies room on IRC. Any chatting done in #BwBTextQuest is subject to the punishment scale.
  4. Keep Your Questions Appropriate
    Do not ask the interviewee(s) questions that are tasteless, or inappropriate. Keep in mind that Everlasting_Joy reserves the right to not ask an audience member's question. Likewise, the interviewee(s) also reserve(s) the right to not answer a question.
  5. Do Not Discuss the New Episode
    CinemaQuestria's rule concerning new episode discussion in the chat is 24 hours, meaning you can discuss the new episode 24 hours after it has aired. For Babble With Bronies, however, we ask you do not discuss the new episode at all during the show, as there is a possibility some may still not have seen it. Chances are, we won't be discussing said episode. However, we're just playing it safe here. The week after, that episode is worthy of discussion, albeit again, we probably won't be discussing it then either.