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The following is concerning sending content into the show.

Sunday 3:00 pm EST USA (GMT -5) is the cut off time. Except under extraordinary circumstances, content will not be put in that week's episode. It may be put in next week's show however. Bear in mind permission must be sought from the creator before it is put on the show, so the earlier you get the request in, the better.

We do not accept pony pornography, excessively gory material, shock material, etc. This podcast is designed to be a fairly family friendly broadcast.

This is just a point, please keep the relevance in mind. If the piece is an old piece, consider looking through the creator's portfolio and see if there isn't something newer that catches your attention. If you still insist the first piece you saw should be shown, send in the request.

Please put what you are sending in in the subject like, such as art, a fanfic, announcement, etc.

Please send a link to the work as opposed to the actual file itself. If the actual file must be used, that is fine, but a link to the material is preferred.

If you are sending a fanfic, please include a short summary.

If you are sending in an announcement, please indicate if you wish to make it a live announcement or not.